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Sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Discover the Cavaillès cleansing products specially formulated to gently cleanse the body.

What is sensitive skin?

What is Reactive, Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is not a skin type (like oily, dry, combination, etc.) but a skin “state”. Indeed, depending on the time of life, the skin can become more sensitive and reactive. This sensitivity is characterized by tingling, redness and itching. This hyper-sensitivity of the skin results from a lowering of its tolerance threshold which can be explained by various factors: a reaction to irritating substances, stress, hormones, or weather conditions.

The beauty routine for sensitive skin

The beauty routine for sensitive skin must include very gentle, soothing, moisturizing products. Such skin needs a rigorously-formulated, high-tolerance product, with ingredients that have been very carefully selected to avoid skin reactions. The selected active ingredients soothe potential irritations. Clinical tests performed on Rogé Cavaillès products have demonstrated their high tolerance. These products, enriched with Surgras agents and active ingredients that moisturize and nourish, are thus well suited to sensitive skin and its needs.

Solid soap

Solid soap is practical and economical and can be used by the whole family. It is available in a variety of fragrances.

Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Original
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Cotton Flower
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Green Almond
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Milk and Honey
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Rose Milk

Bath & Shower gels

Cavaillès Bath & Shower Gels provide protection and care, and in their large 1L pump format they are suitable for the whole family.

Bath & Shower Gel – Original
Bath & Shower Gel – Cotton Flower
Bath & Shower Gel – Green Almond
Bath & Shower Gel – Milk and Honey
Bath & Shower Gel – Peach Milk